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Personal Testimonial about my son:

My son was diagnosed with asthma last year and given a blue inhaler to help during times of infection or increased exercise. 
He was 2 and I was so upset, convinced his immune system had been compromised by a bout of whooping cough followed by croup.
Anyway things got a little worse and in August he had an asthma attack at a play centre. A doctors appointment followed and it was agreed he would now need a low level steroid pump daily as a preventative measure. 
I hated putting drugs into his little body but he had to have it; I also started him on the JuicePlus+ gummies at the same time.
He started pre-school in September and we couldn’t walk the half mile there without stopping to give him some of his ‘pumper’ (as he called it) 
Then, one day in October I noticed an improvement in him and stopped the steroid pump each morning, and we noticed he didn’t need the blue pump either.
He has not used either pump for 4 months now.
Coincidence or not he will continue to have the JuicePlus+ ‘sweeties’ for life.

YOUR children could participate in the Juice PLUS+® Children’s Health Study!

The objective of the Juice PLUS+® Children’s Health Study (CHS) is to improve the nutritional habits of children and is based on the following understandings:

• raising awareness of nutrition leads to a healthier lifestyle;

• the foundation for good health and good habits is created during childhood;

• the support and influence of parents in developing healthy habits is fundamental.

The Study, an analysis of real behaviour, has been underway for several years. Its objective is to monitor thousands of families around the world to observe the effect of consuming Juice PLUS+® fruit and vegetables on the general well-being of children and adolescents.

In order to obtain the biggest possible sample, the aim is to have as many families as possible participating in the study. Juice PLUS+® is therefore provided FREE for one year to children and adolescents between 4 and 18 years of age, on condition that one of the parents buys and consumes Juice PLUS+®.

The offer is automatically renewed for another 2 years making 3 years in total.

It is important that the parent is engaged in the study in this way, as the support and influence of parents in developing healthy nutritional habits during childhood is fundamental.

The parents have another important role in this programme which is to fill out and return the 6 CHS Questionnaires which allow the researchers to monitor the set parameters assuring the accuracy of the Study.

This will take up very little time since it is done in a practical and fast way via e-mail; so in order to participate you must have an e-mail address.

 What problems do we face as parents?

The facts speak for themselves:

• The number of obese children has tripled over the last 20 years: 32.6% of English 10-11 year olds are now overweight or obese.
Health Survey for England/National Child Measurement Programme

• Children do far too little physical activity. Fewer than 1/3 of children aged 2-15 meet the recommended level of physical activity of 60 minutes or more a day.
National Health Service

• Fruit and vegetables are an efficient instrument to fight obesity but the English children don’t eat enough of them. Only 1 in 5 children consumes five or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day. The average fruit and vegetables intake for children aged 5-15 is 2.5 portions a day, far below the recommendation.
National Health Service/Ofcom

• Nowadays, children do not receive the nutritional education which helps them to keep healthy habits for the rest of their lives. In Britain, the demand for ready-meals grew by 44%  between 1990 and 2002. Many mothers say they do not have time to do “proper cooking”. This reduces parents’ control over what goes into food, making it more difficult to monitor the fat, salt and sugar contents.

The children participating in the CHS Study can choose between

Juice PLUS+® Capsules,
Chewables and
Soft Chewables.
The participating parents  can choose between
Juice PLUS+® Capsules and
Juice PLUS+® Premium.

Please fill out the contact form for more details on how to apply.