How much fruit and veg should I eat? By Robyn Isles

For years we have been told to eat 5 a day, and so we all try to aim for that amount but did you know that in fact the ‘5 a day’ amount was only published and then advertised as the government considered any more to be ‘of not realistic amount’

In other countries the target advised are very different and incidentally always MORE than what we here in the UK have been advised.

For example, Canada recommed 5-10 portions a day

Denmark 6 a day

And Japan recommend 13 vegetables and 4 fruits a day!!!

So what can we do?

You can start to eat more, yes thats right, eat lots more fresh fruits and vegetables, our bodies need this, they contain high levels of vitamins and the phytochemicals protect us from Cancer and Inflammation.

If you struggle to eat 5 a day (and I would suggest aiming for 9 a day) then JuicePlus+ can help.

Facts on JuicePlus+

If you’d like some quick facts about JuicePlus+ check out this very informative post using the link below.

Soy in JuicePlus Protein Shakes

The soy in JP is grown and owned by NSA and is non GMO and is grown with no herbicides or pesticides present at all which actually is better than organic as organic allows 5% contaminants. Also we use whole soy beans to extract the protein. This makes our soy very expensive. The soy that is contained. Interestingly, soybeans are rarely consumed in Europe. The majority of soy in the diet comes from the refined products that are processed from the soybeans, which is the one factor that makes the soy potentially harmful. Estrogens are steroid hormones mostly found in females, where they play a major role in regulating sexual development and reproductive cycles.
Estrogens are also found in men, although in smaller amounts.
The way estrogens (and other steroid hormones) work, is that they travel into the nuclei of cells and activate the estrogen receptor.
When that happens, there are changes in gene expression, leading to some kind of physiologic effect.
The problem with the estrogen receptor is that it isn’t very selective in the substances that can activate it. Some substances in the environment that look like estrogen can activate it too.
unaltered Soy is not harmful however is the Soy used in our shakes, however most other shakes use GMO Soy – this is manufactured and therefore makes hydrolysed soy protein.

Vitamin D2 versus Vitamin D3 by Robyn Isles.

Following the press today talking about children deficient in Vitamin D I thought it best to do a quick write up, we supplement with Vitamin D in the winter months due to UK sun not being strong enough for our bodies to absorb, HOWEVER we use Vitamin D3.

So what is the difference?

The family of fat-soluble D vitamins has two primary forms: vitamin D2 and vitamin D3.

Both boast properties beneficial to our bone, tooth, muscular and immune health; and being deficient in both can cause symptoms like low mood and energy, and affect heart health.

However, there is also an important difference between the two forms of vitamin D: while D3 can be manufactured naturally by humans when skin is exposed to sunlight, D2 is found only in plants and is not as effective in maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D in your body.

Therefore, be sure to choose D3 (also known as “cholecalciferol”) when choosing a Vitamin D supplement.

It will state ‘D3’ on the label.

Vitamins and is your supplement right? By Robyn Isles

VITAMIN AND MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS – Is your multivitamin really giving you what you need?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy life.

For your body to receive the nutrients it needs to function optimally your digestive system must first extract those nutrients from the food you eat or the supplements you take and absorb them into the bloodstream

From there your cells absorb particular vitamins and other nutrients they require. Absorption of vitamins can be encouraged or thwarted by a number of factors.

Competition: High doses of vitamin b5 may inhibit your absorption of biotin; similarly high doses of vitamin a can inhibit vitamin k absorption.
Some vitamins are absorbed more efficiently in the presence of other vitamins, for example vitamin c increases the absorption of chromium and iron. Some vitamins participate in the transport of other vitamins into the body. Copper is necessary for iron absorption.

Calcium and Magnesium: Calcium will compete with iron in normal doses for absorption, for this reason they should not be taken together.
Fluoride, phosphorus, manganese and zinc absorption also decline when these minerals are taken with calcium.
When supplementing avoid high doses of single nutrients.

Vitamin D: By getting plenty of vitamin d your body’s absorption of calcium is increased.
Many people are deficient in vitamin d due to a life indoors and winter sun not being enough to fortify our bodies. Eating vitamin d foods or taking a supplement is an easy way to ensure you get enough.

Fat soluble vitamins: A, D E and K require fat to be absorbed. If you have trouble digesting fat or follow a strictly low fat diet your absorption may decline. Intestinal disorders such as celiac disease and IBS decrease absorption of all nutrients including fat soluble vitamins.

Will the ingredients in the vitamin and mineral supplement you are considering actually be absorbed by the body?

There are many steps that the ingredients in your vitamin and mineral supplement have to go through in order to make it all the way through your digestive tract into your blood stream and ultimately to the location where your body can use them.

It’s a complex process and there are many opportunities for the process to not go quite right (see above factors)

What is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the degree to which a nutrient is available to the body to use, for a nutrient to be bioavailable it must be within physical proximity to the cell so the cell can use it.
Basic terms the nutrient has to make it all the way from your mouth to the cell and be in a form the cell can use it.

This means your supplement needs to dissolve or disintegrate; otherwise the risk is it can pass right through you.

So when you take your multivitamin bear in mind all of the factors above and recognise you will not get full absorption of all of the vitamins stated, you may just achieve to absorb parts of them.

Although JuicePlus+ is not a vitamin supplement so I really don’t want to compare it, I would like to reiterate to those that don’t know that it is a whole food supplement which is BIOAVAILABLE (which is most necessary in young children and older adults)

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Why should I eat Vegetables by Robyn Isles

Why should I eat Vegetables?

This is by far one of my best reasons, why did your Mum tell you to eat your brocolli?

The same reason I tell my children to…….

In the science of food, no change has been bigger than the discovery of phytonutrients and their unique place in our health.

Phytonutrients include all of the unique substances that give foods their brilliant colors, their delicious flavors, and their unique aromas.

They are also the nutrients most closely linked to prevention of certain diseases.

Carotenonids and flavonoids are the two of the largest groups of phytonutrients, and there is no food group that provides them in amounts as plentiful as vegetables.

The phytonutrients in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, and in root vegetables like onions and garlic, are unique when it comes to decreased risk of certain cancers, and some of these phytonutrients simply cannot be found in other food groups.

Fitness Regimes by Robyn Isles

Changing your Fitness Routine:

I was chatting to some friends and family about this this morning and since I like to have my twopence worth here it is, this is also motivation for me and gives me the push to challenge myself more.

Someone who does the same activity all the time is likely to plateau much sooner than someone who varies her workouts.

Just as you can get bored by always doing the same exercises, your body can also adapt to these exercises so that they don’t offer the same benefits that they once did.

A little variety might be just the thing you need to get the scale moving again or bust through that strength plateau.

“Variety” means either changing something about your current routine (adding speed, distance, hills, resistance, etc.) or trying a totally different activity.

If you like some consistency and don’t want to change your workout each time you hit the gym, change your routine at least every 4-8 weeks (this includes incorporating changes to both your cardio and strength training exercises).

This will keep your muscles challenged, your body guessing, and the results coming…..

So mission new knickers, new year is ON!


Eating our ‘diet’

Our diet is what we eat, by following a clean eating plan you are basically following what we used to eat.

Evolution : with the introduction of meat that contains saturated fat and cholesterol (that we find hard to digest) into our diet we now have high incidence of obesity, high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Humans were herbivores that evolved into omnivores, we were and are still not designed to eat huge amounts of animal products.

Interesting huh?

I leave you with this thought for the morning.

**Our basic biochemical functionality depends on the nutrient composition of plant based foods**


Clean eating:

What is clean eating and for everyone that says oh ‘clean eating is too complicated for me’

Eating ‘clean’ is how we should all eat, it’s how we were designed to eat, ready meals just aren’t good for you, quick and easy can be an option so long as you follow these basic rules.

1. Eat wholefoods – that’s fruits, veg, grains, etc.
2. Avoid processed food – that’s anything manufactured and with labels with ingredients you don’t understand.
3. Eliminate refined sugar – stop eating the biscuits.
4. Eat snacks – don’t let yourself go hungry.
5. Cook your own meals – that way you ensure your food is clean.
6. Eat protein and carbs – don’t avoid either just choose the right ones.

It’s not rocket science, it’s NOT a diet or plan.

It’s healthy eating for life.

Everyone else seems to look for a quicker fix, and there are many diets out there but for optimal health, cell regeneration and to feel better, ‘clean’ wins hands down.

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